The nautical look: what you need

This summer, it was clear that the nautical look was not only a great one to embrace, but a timeless classic that can be pulled off by anyone. Luckily, it’s very easy for fans of http://www.highandmighty.co.uk and other clothing stores to get hold of what they need. My Celebrity Fashion and others have regularly told their followers to keep several things in mind when seeking out the style – here’s a list of the basics you’ll require.

A navy blazer is the most formal garment to add to a nautical outfit. It can be taken on and off with little problem – it is certainly not necessary, though wonderfully complementary.

Chino trousers and tailored shorts are fantastic things to embrace, too.  Chinos are constantly being applied to a variety of outfit styles and prove that it is no longer jujst jeans that are able to create and complement casual outfits. The nautical staple of tailored shorts can also work well with for bottom half, and with both styles of legwear you should aim for shades in pastels, navy and white.

Striped T-shirts are perhaps the most important investment in the true nautical style, though the pattern should only be limited to this garment. Navy and white-striped offerings are the most effective combination of colours, though others should also be taken into account.

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