Larry Lamb helps launch hearing campaign

Former Eastenders actor Larry Lamb has helped launch the Sound Check of the Nation campaign and has urged for the estimated four million people in the UK that would benefit from hearing aids to come forward and seek advice from specialists such as Amplifon.

Many people with hearing loss are not taking action and one in three people with these problems are too embarrassed to wear a hearing aid and seek help, Female First.co.uk has revealed this month (October 14th). What’s more, having someone see to your ears doesn’t have to cost the earth and when you shop around online this allows you to compare product features and prices so you find the best deals and make the most savings.

Father to TV presenter George Lamb, Larry explained how he himself suffers from hearing loss after contracting malaria in Senegal.

He went on to explain how he felt when he had to come to terms with his hearing loss and urged individuals suffering from the same problem to get a hearing test. Of the cause of his condition he said: “That’s unusual, but no matter how you lose it, the result is a feeling of complete isolation. Everything becomes so much more difficult and there’s a temptation not to bother. It’s easier just to tune out.

“I couldn’t believe that there are four million people in the UK who are ignoring their hearing loss. The solution is out there and it starts with a simple hearing test, which is free. So don’t suffer in silence.”


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