Repticon: Florida’s top reptile tips

Tweet Repticon is one of Central Florida’s more unusual attractions; the two-day event is primarily an exotic animal sale and show, with owners from across America in attendance to meet other reptile-lovers and pick up tips on caring for their scaly pets. It’s a great way to find advice on frugal ways of keeping a… Read more

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Saving money on your cat

Tweet Keeping pets can get expensive, and if you don’t believe this, add up all the monthly outgoings that can be attributed to your pet – food, toys and litter, for instance, as well as making sure you can afford vet treatment. They’re all essential, but they can really add up! Here’s a few ways… Read more

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Have you considered a career in law?

Tweet The recession has very much put into focus the salary limitations of some careers and had made some reconsider their choices. Though there are very few professions that can guarantee financial stability, there are those that can offer lucrative salaries and one of these professions is law. According to a recent audit, law is… Read more

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Do you want to quit the ratrace?

Tweet If you wake up each morning and dread going to work, wondering how it is that you’ve become part of the rat race, maybe it’s time to save your soul by planning an exit strategy? Of course, this is far easier if you have no on-going financial commitments such as children, a mortgage or… Read more

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3 communal gadgets that could save students cash

Tweet As a student there are certain things you find yourself spending cash on regularly as part of student life – things you need to do your work, to keep you going or just to help you relax. It might be worth considering some of the items you spend money on regularly to see if… Read more

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Will 2012 inspire you to join the hospitality sector?

Tweet If you are the kind of individual who watches Four in a Bed while constantly tutting and insisting you could run a better B&B, this could be the year for you to prove your worth. With both the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubillee on home soil, the UK is expected to have a massive… Read more

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Three steps to retiring in the sun

Tweet  With the government delaying the age of pension entitlement, many seniors approaching their golden years have been left wondering if they can afford to retire as expected. If you have been savvy enough to sort out your finances well in advance and have assets you can put towards the retirement of your dreams in… Read more

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Dance your way to fitness with Zumba

Tweet Zumba is perhaps the most well-known and popular workout that is based on the philosophy of dancercise, which provides a refreshing alternative to the gym and traditional fitness classes. It combines Latin and international music with a workout system, which guarantees that you have fun while busting those calories and toning up muscles. By… Read more

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Wool: the perfect textile for your winter duvet

Tweet Wool is quite the impressive textile and beats its cotton and synthetic counterparts in a variety of ways. What’s more it is a winter essential for your bed to ensure that you keep warm during the unforgiving colder months. A comfortable bed that ensures you sleep peacefully through the cold and unforgiving winter nights,… Read more

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Buying pet insurance: what to look out for

Tweet While owning a pet is a hugely rewarding experience, it can often be very expensive. Alongside routine costs of pet care such as food and grooming, it is the unplanned expenses of veterinary bills during sickness or after an accident that can really hurt your wallet. This is why pet insurance is sensible, though… Read more

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