Have you considered a career in law?

Tweet The recession has very much put into focus the salary limitations of some careers and had made some reconsider their choices. Though there are very few professions that can guarantee financial stability, there are those that can offer lucrative salaries and one of these professions is law. According to a recent audit, law is… Read more

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For Rent Sign

What kind of rental property will make you the most money?

Tweet For many, being a landlord is a full time job and thus deciding what type of properties to include in your portfolio and who to target as tenants is important in helping you to secure a steady flow of income and to maximise earnings. Buying higher end properties in exclusive locations may allow you… Read more

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Standard Chartered axes jobs to remain profitable

Tweet Standard Chartered, the UK bank now famous for sponsoring Liverpool FC, has revealed that it had to axe employees during the first quarter in order to match competition and the effect that the market has had on profitability. To maintain stronger overall margins, the bank has revealed that it maintained a strong grasp on… Read more

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